Workshop – Financial Modeling Using Excel

  • December 7 – 8, 2018
  • 3 PM to 9 PM | Coffee breaks and business snacks will be available
  • Hilton Hotel, Westbay Doha - Qatar |QAR 2,500 for registrations before 25 Nov QAR 3,500 for registrations after 25 Nov
  • 4447 0915 - 5018 2818


Ready to advance your career? Join tens of thousands of professionals who demonstrate a commitment to the field and dedication to continuous improvement of their corporate finance skills.

We understand the critical importance of time in business today and are pleased to offer a two-day interactive workshop that allows you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

BusinessBOX is proud to introduce a live interactive workshop that covers great essential techniques in financial modeling, business valuation, and financial analysis.

This workshop is suitable for professionals of various backgrounds and is designed to teach you everything from the bottom up. This workshop will also get your ready to be enrolled in the FMVA financial analyst certification and training program provided by the CFI in Canada. This certification program will walk you through the three levels of mastery, you can expect to be performing industry-leading corporate finance analysis upon successful completion of their courses.


  • Accounting, finance, and financial analysis
  • Financial modeling and business valuation
  • Presentations, charts, and graphs
  • Advanced Excel skills


  • Confidence in your career
  • Knowledge of advanced material
  • Skills for the real-world
  • Experience performing real analysis


By the end of this workshop, you shall be able to:

  • Prepare, read, interpret and analyze the three financial statements;
  • Develop financial models using Excel different modeling techniques.
  • Construct forecasted financial statement models and perform sensitivity analysis;
  • Apply time value of money concepts;
  • Apply cost of capital calculation techniques;
  • Use the free cash flow technique in determining the value of a project or a company; and
  • Think in terms of process-value added to customers and shareholders.


Finance professionals from any industry or sector, including but not limited to, Financial Analysts, Management Accountants, Investment Bankers, Financial Controllers, Finance Managers and professionals responsible for project valuation, project finance.

Workshop Program

DAY 1 – Excel modeling and financial analysis fundamentals
• Speed up your Excel modeling skills using shortcuts
• Build flexibility into financial forecasts
• Scenario, solver tools, data tables and goal seek
• Identify the various components of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow
• Vertical and horizontal analysis of the income statement and benchmarking against an appropriate peer group
• Explain overall efficiency and working capital efficiency ratios.
• Undertake trend analysis to determine the overall financial performance of a company and forecast future performance
• Identify different types of debt financing tools and leverage ratios
• Use real-life cash flow statements to assess the operations of a company
• Construct a pyramid of ratios using a set of published financial statements and perform a complete financial Analysis

DAY 2 – Building a financial model, sensitivity analysis, dashboards and visualization
• Apply a structured approach to financial modeling in Excel
• Forecast the income statement from operating revenues down to operating profit
• Use different approaches to properly forecast property, plant, equipment, and other operating assets
• Forecast various components of working capital, debt financing and related interest costs
• Forecast equity financing and dividends
• Derive a free cash flow statement that can be used for equity valuation
• Equity value versus enterprise value
• Value a business using equity multiples
• Value a company using comparable company analysis, precedent M&A transactions or discounted cash flow techniques.
• DCF valuation model, cost of equity, cost of debt and the weighted average cost of capital.

• Discuss the importance of sensitivity analysis
• Apply model integration using direct and Indirect methods
• Analyze analysis results
• Use tornado charts
• How to focus attention, use white space effectively
• Storytelling with data and variety of visuals
• Page layout and design, line charts, area charts, column and bar charts and gauge charts

About the Trainer

Amin Chaar – Managing Partner & Founder of BusinessBOX. Years of diversified experience in the fields of finance, audit and accounts. Amin holds the following credentials: CPA, CMA, CFE, CSX, CICA, and he is also certified in Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis (FMVA).

2018-12-7 3:00 pm 2018-12-8 9:00 pm Asia/Qatar Workshop – Financial Modeling Using Excel Hilton Hotel, Westbay Doha - Qatar |QAR 2,500 for registrations before 25 Nov QAR 3,500 for registrations after 25 Nov
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Workshop – Financial Modeling Using Excel
  • December 7, 2018
  • 3 PM to 9 PM | Coffee breaks and business snacks will be available
  • Hilton Hotel, Westbay Doha - Qatar |QAR 2,500 for registrations before 25 Nov QAR 3,500 for registrations after 25 Nov
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