New Business in Qatar?

Are you planning to start a new business in Qatar? Are you lost where to start from? Should you start with the company name and brand identity or the feasibility study? Don’t worry! we have you covered.

We, at BusinessBOX, would like to tell all entrepreneurs who are starting a new business in Qatar a couple of important things. A feasibility study is not a financial forecast built on dreams. The financial forecast is just another component in any decent feasibility study. In other words, Before the financial forecast is done. You should be looking at so many aspects.

Major components of a feasibility study

  1. Legal feasibility answers to whether or not there are legal hindrances to your precious idea.
  2. Market research is considered hardest most time-consuming task. We dig deep into the market. In addition, we know who your competitors are,.what they offer,.and how your business can stand-out.
  3. Finally, operations or the technical feasibility of your project comes in. The technical feasibility identifies all potential project’s costs. As a matter of fact, it is based on your project’s requirements.from location to live operations.

You may turn to your friend for advice. But, if you are about to start your business, expand, shutdown or looking to improve your existing business,.we will be your friend with the professional and honest advice.customized only for your needs.

Our first advice to you is: Hand it over to the Experts!

  • Challenge
    Put you face to face with the potential success or failure factors for your idea. Hence, it decreases the potential loss in case the idea is not feasible
  • Clarity
    Open your eyes to possibilities your business might face. For instance, you may be able to explore new revenue streams for the business
  • weaknesses and strengths
    Unravel weaknesses and the strengths of your future business
  • Unfolding variables
    Translate possibilities into numbers and unfold a wide range of variables that can affect your future business
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BusinessBOX Consultancy LLC is a QFCA licensed firm under registration number QFC 545. BusinessBOX decided to start its adventure on June 5, 2018 to provide smartly tailored business services.

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