Market expansion of variegated products and services through digital expedient has surged up within a decade. As the dependability on the results of search engines has facilitated the at-home facilities, the get-at-able quality of commodities has tweaked. Public is turning to online stores now for their every specific needs. Thrifts are thousand for internet connected atmosphere that has enhanced the easement of transact in the daily lives of masses. eCommerce and cloud services has captured the merchandise pattern like head over heels. Hereto, highlighting of business websites on the global portal has transposed the method of avocation as at present. Identical to it, visibility and potency of communications technology is either ascending on large scale in Qatar.

Little Story

For that reason, we dispose to impart a fairy-tale of a possessor of a T-shirt printing eCommerce enterprise in Qatar, who determined the path to success through digital transformation.

When restaurant business of Hamad, was operating decently, parents Abid & Sara advised their son to create another source of income for financial security.

Since, Hamad was quite fond of fashionable apparels, he thought why not to exercise occupation in the ambit of T-shirt printing eCommerce? Would it be a gain or loss?

With partial willfulness, Hamad decided to commence a T-shirt shopping center with print-on-demand service. Being sure of the low investment and least risk, he has forwarded a footstep towards the adjudication.

At the primitive exposure, the very first difficulty arose was selection of right niche to focus on. Two things he was considering constantly. One, if he elects all age group fellows to sell T-shirts, brand identity could be at threat and if only adults are targeted, revenue generation would be limited.

He went through the analysis of population density in the country and assigned the herd of grown-ups to middle-aged as the acquirable consumers.

Ambulating ahead, there was a challenge to tempt them widely. And, it was tough to roam door to door physically and promote the offerings.

To resolve this issue, he developed an impressive website and publicized it through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) tactics to the intended patrons.

When external operations were performing neat, complications evolved inside the virtual outlet. Accounts executive was manipulating the monetary data for self-benefit.

Hamad asked him to quit the post and employed “Xero” for accounting tasks that was reliable and sufficient for small business owners.

This application protracted the profitability and he came adequately close to his objective.

Then, repeated access and activity execution on the social sites individually made him to observe the fallout of many hours a day.

He felt productivity is getting hampered due to it and therefore deployed the “Hootsuite” which is a marvelous social media management platform to conduct promotional duties.

So, by efficiently utilizing these applications, Hamad rendered the startup of T-shirt printing eCommerce venture into the leading clothing firm.

Essential Tools

To get into the detail of digital algorithm and website visibility, we have explained the role of certain software and terminologies that support in handling the E-commerce trading well:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of extending the website traffic and visibility for the users of a search engine while maintaining the quality. Purpose of this technique is to rank up in the first result page of the Google, Yahoo or Bing when your audience is seeking you.
  • SMO or Social Media Optimization is the manner of stimulating the presence of a company and social reputation through distinct sessions of interactive communities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Forums and high DA websites are the address of its lobs.
  • Xero is the title of public technology firm that manufactures cloud-based accounting software platform for the mini and major business centers. Capable of connecting small agencies with trusted advisers and provide them the insight of their financial position is its feature.
  • Hootsuite is the nickname of a social media management tool which consents a user to schedule and post desired words to several pages or profiles of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and such platforms from single dashboard. A business lord can access all social media sites from one place.
  • Zapier is the label given to a web-based service that permits users to integrate variety of web applications for compliance matter. This application can be operated single-handedly.


Hearsay is not going to over about digital world until and unless you take the plunge to adopt these tricks. Ever broadening space of E-commerce and cloud services are boosting the strength and ability of T-shirt printing eCommerce industry. Rather than divulging the loopholes of new technologies, concentrate on the functions of your organization and then progress & development will be assured.

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